Please peruse some examples of my career highlights, including industry talks, personal projects and professional projects.

Samples and/or further detail available on request.

👾 Game Credits


Solitaire Story: Ava’s Manor

  • Design Lead and Product Owner for narrative content in a co-development between Uken Games and Mighty Kingdom

Eieio Farm

  • Solo developer (creative, design, programming and environment using mostly purchased art assets) on a farming simulation game featuring quest, professions and pet management

Fitbit Ace – early game prototypes

  • Design Lead on games for highly innovative kids’ smartwatch, partnership between Mighty Kingdom and Google

Power Rangers Mighty Force

  • Initially Narrative Lead, then transitioned to Game/Product Lead in a co-development between Mighty Kingdom and East Side Games

Star Trek Lower Decks: The Badgey Directive

  • Narrative discipline leadership as well as feedback and editing for a co-development between East Side Games and Mighty Kingdom

Wild Life: A Puzzle Story

  • Narrative design in a co-development between Rogue Games and Mighty Kingdom

The Witching Hour

  • Part of a two-dev team (design, programming and environment using mostly purchased art assets) for a narrative-driven endless runner

Blocky Space (aka Collide and Conquer)

  • Part of a two-dev team (level design and environment using mostly purchased art assets) for a puzzle racing game that mixes cooperation and competition

Unreleased or in development

  • Scaredy Cat – a solo-developed pixel horror/thriller and pet management title, coming to Steam October 2024
  • Narrative Lead on unreleased game (collaboration between ZAG and Mighty Kingdom) based on popular TV series
  • Additional narrative systems design, leadership, design consultation and playtesting for unreleased projects
🏭 Industry

NZGDC 2022 Talk: Narrative Pipelines

This talk was aimed at narrative designers, producers and other developers interested in the operational side of planning and producing narrative in games projects.

  • Delivered in Wellington, New Zealand in Aug 2022
  • Joint talk with colleague, Ella Lowgren
  • Large turnout and high-level of audience engagement during and after event

Media Interview: Weaving Tales

This interview with Sifter was focused around what makes good interactive stories and the narrative design tools that can be used to execute.

  • Done in conjunction with Mark Riley, Design Director at Mighty Kingdom

Screen Queensland Games Assessor

Participated in 2022 and 2023 panels to help assess funding for high potential game and digital projects.

⭐️ 2023 Wins
  • Successfully planned and executed an international move from Australia to the USA. With a dog! 🐶
  • Served as the lead for an award-winning narrative team 🏆
  • Pitched to senior teams at Apple Arcade and Google
  • Deeper dive into Reinforcement Learning with the Hugging Face Deep RL Course
  • Participated as assessor for a state-based games funding assessment panel
  • Upskilled using lights and shadow in 2D environment with Unity’s URP
⭐️ 2022 Wins
  • Completed Masters Degree of Data Science 👩‍💻
  • Promoted to Narrative Discipline Lead at Mighty Kingdom
  • Served as game lead on two unannounced projects, utilising product, leadership and broader design skills
  • Participated as assessor for a state-based games funding assessment panel
  • Made two narrative projects in Ink featuring branching quests and dialogues, one for a personal project, another for a work project
  • Learned YarnSpinner and implemented in my latest personal project for branching dialogue
🤹‍♀️ Other fascinating career highlights

These aren’t in the games or tech space, but showcase my product and marketing background across other industries.

  • Served as the Product Owner for Castrol’s commercial vehicle and specialities product range in the ANZ region. This involved rolling out several product changes (new products, modified formulations and discontinued items) to educate and inform high-value B2B customers, as well as coordinating necessary supply chain activities.
  • Event planning and management for retail pharmacy group, Chemplus (now part of Terry White Chemmart)
    • Suppliers’ Expo – communications for exhibitors
    • Company-wide award event – setup and communications with staff
    • WOMADelaide – social media to inform of on-site pop-up pharmacy and promote health and safety for festival-goers