Setting up VSC for Unity Dev

Install VSC if you need to.

brew install --cask visual-studio-code

We need .NET SDK next.

brew install --cask dotnet-sdk

Then we need to install the stable channel of Mono. Note that below is the best way – installing through Brew leads to a lot of issues.

IMPORTANT: Download the circled version.

Restart your computer.

Open Unity. Make sure Unity Package Manager has VSC Editor installed. (New versions of Unity have it by default).

Go to Unity -> Settings to open Preferences Window.

Go to External Tools.

Select VSC from dropdown as below. Press reset argument and regenerate project files.

Go to Unity -> Settings to get this menu.

Open the project in VSC.

In VSC, install the C# Extension.

Change the following extension settings.

Untick “Omnisharp: Use Modern Net”.

Set the Omnisharp Mono Path as below.

Close VSC and Unity completely. Even do a computer restart if paranoid.

Open Unity and then Open C# Project.

Everything should be working now!

You’ll see a cute little flame in the bottom left of VSC if your Omnisharp is running.

Enjoy working on a Mac for your Unity dev!

Tips if it’s not working:

  • Make sure you installed the correct version of Mono
  • Make sure you restart all your programs throughout the process
  • Double check your Unity settings